Night: LUYD Hella Gay Comeback (just like Britney bitch)

Friday 23rd September
The Flying Duck
142 Renfield Street
11pm – 3am

Greetings gremlins we missed you!

After three long months we’re pulling a Britney and announcing our comeback. Seeing how starved and neglected you’ve been, the next few nights will see us toasting up some of the freshest most delightsome treats ever- srsly!

All the way from SCOUSELAND, LUYD are thrilled to announce:

***** DJS REV>ENGE AND EMMA O (CHEW DISCO Liverpool/NYC) *****
who’ll be dousing you with all the post-punk/alt and trash your thrashing and gyrating little skeletons can withstand

******* FATTY BLAZE *******

and very special guest
******* PRINCE MOG *******

********** THE BLOODY SHOW ***************
serving up wholesome INDIE and alt-80’s/90’s treats all bloody night long