Screening: High Art

Sunday 27th May, 2012, 7:30pm. GFT, 12 Rose street, Glasgow.
This compelling film about a driven magazine editor, Sydney, who becomes attracted to her unstable neighbour, photographer Lucy, was the feature debut of director Lisa Cholodenko (The Kids Are All Right). Depicting all-female attraction in an honest and original way, the sexual tension between Sydney and Lucy plays out amidst a tense configuration of commitments from which neither character can easily escape. Both are already in long-term relationships – Lucy’s girlfriend Greta, a glamorous and deluded drug addict, is brilliantly played by Patricia Clarkson. There are touches of magic realism which blend with Cholodenko’s now established gritty, dramatic style to create a darkly romantic experience which is unique in the history of 90s indie cinema.

The screening is preceded by short film On Your Back Woman! (5m) by director Maja Borg.

This screening will be introduced by Maja Borg.

This film is kindly supplied by TLA Releasing