Filmmaking: Ditto

Ditto is a coming of age drama set in Glasgow about best friends Kim and Jessie. Kim is in love with Jessie and is finding it difficult to hide it; Jessie see’s Kim as a friend she couldn’t do without. At a party the lines of their friendship blur when Jessie gets jealous of Kim being pursued by another girl. They fall out causing Jessie to spiral out of control but Kim can’t bring herself to leave her. After Jessie crashes back to earth they finally admit their feelings for each other and kiss. However, the morning after, Jessie regrets what happened and when Kim leaves, she thinks she may be gone for good.

Filming was completed late November. Ditto has screened at the GFT in Glasgow, at LUYD’s Queer Short Film Weekend, and more.

Written and directed by Bicola Barratt-Crane; shot by Lucy Holmes-Elliott; produced by Kim Stewart and Helen Wright; starring Priya Munogee and Marli Siu; edited by Calum Nielsen; sound by Susan Bear.